Educational Materials


      1. Rules of the Game.

Thinking Filters

      2. Ten Transformers / Rethinking Humanity
      3. The Medicine Wheel
      4. Framework for Global Learning

Accelerated Learning Techniques (a listing)

Resource Materials - Externally Generated

       5. Declaration of Human Rights
       6. A Global Ethic
       7. Stories (Open for Additions)

Stories My Grandparents Told Me
Stories for a Culture of Peace - by Martin Auer
       8. Songs (Open for Additions)

      Internally Generated (Available for Sale)

       9. Home Poster
      10. Peace Messages
      11. The Conspiracy / How to Become a Global Citizen

Learning Outcomes

      12. Friendship Penny
      13. Friendship Pin
      14. 1000 Day Program - Idea Book
      15. Peace Coin 2000
              -History of "The Last One"
              -You Are More-song


      16. World Citizenship Challenge
      17. Vision Changer Program
      18. Improv Program
      19. How to quit smoking
      20. Building a Better World
a. Olympic Athlete Training Program / Manifesto 2000
b. Primary School Workshop / Manifesto 2000
      22. Pen Pal Program

      23. Peacemaker Program
      24. Diploma Program
              -Rationale: Robert Mullers Global education.
              -Classification for Registration of World Citizens
              -The Diploma Course
              -Educational Materials
              -Accelerated Learning Techniques

      25. Sites of Importance (web links)

      26. Basic English Vocabulary for Better Communication